My March on Washington Part 3

Back on the bus, starting the crawl out of DC. What an energetic, inspiring, worthwhile day. There were over 500,000 marchers in DC today, and 6 million globally. Considering the numbers, it is quite remarkable that I saw no misbehavior whatsoever. In fact, I kept saying this must be the most polite rally DC ever saw. Even though we were threading the needle to move 2 feet at a time, jostling people every time you turned, and shoulder to sternum with strangers, everyone was positive, happy, and helpful. That speaks volumes in of itself. Even the National Guard, police, and Marshals were smiling, nodding, and giving the thumbs up. One of the best parts of the rally were the signs, I wish I had taken more pictures of them. People were quite creative. Everyone brought their own agenda, but the underlying theme was women’s rights and fundamental civil rights. Now I’ve had 2 hours sleep in 36 hours and walked miles and miles, I’m tired, but in a good way. I’m grateful to have been here.

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