More than just water and rocks …

I’m not sure why this image appeals to me; maybe it’s the texture of the hard rock jutting through the surface of the water like Legos scattered on a hardwood floor.

Or maybe it’s the varying greens and oranges, brown’s and blacks, those hues of nature that keep you grounded.

Or maybe it’s the permanence of the rock amidst the fluidity of the water.

Either way, I smell the damp earth when I look at the image.

I had walking companions as I waded the creek. My dog is always delighted to find a pool of water.

My two twisted sistercats hike with me too. I know it sounds crazy but they really do.

It’s a little hard to spot the cat in this photo.

My iPhone 6s was my camera today. I would have taken my Canon but I didn’t know I was going to end up wading a good length of the creek when I wandered outside. I actually tried to pull down the green in these images but it was the predominant, vibrant color of the morning and refused to be muted.

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