Disagree with grace; a poem

It's bothersome, the hatefulness of those that disagree with venom born of rising emotions lacking restraint, the ill will with a voice. It's bothersome, the need to disassemble and deconstruct with pleasure, watch spirits fade, the contentment of ill intent. It's bothersome, the caustic bursts of indignation the need to wound unfamiliar matters with ill…Read more Disagree with grace; a poem

My March on Washington Part 3

Back on the bus, starting the crawl out of DC. What an energetic, inspiring, worthwhile day. There were over 500,000 marchers in DC today, and 6 million globally. Considering the numbers, it is quite remarkable that I saw no misbehavior whatsoever. In fact, I kept saying this must be the most polite rally DC ever…Read more My March on Washington Part 3